HireCloud Branding

A close up look at the creation of a brand.

We recently had the opportunity to work with HireCloud, a tech startup that’s aiming to revolutionize the hiring process for low-wage, entry-level jobs. Their goal is to make it easy to hire and get hired online.

HireCloud needed to speak to a very specific audience: the high-school to college-aged job seekers and the managers who want to hire them. The logo needed to appeal to both those groups. It also needed to convey the company’s name, the fact that it’s online, and the fact that it’s a place where you can find a job.



After lots of brainstorming, two symbols were chosen to tell the story of HireCloud. The tie and the cloud.

The tie represents the employment and the job search. The cloud represents the online nature of the HireCloud’s services. The cloud also hails back to the company’s name. Using Combination, the oldest trick in the book, we took the symbols and merged them into one.




Finally, after hell-bending brainstorming and arduous sketching, and lots of ideas, this is where the pencil lead us:

Next came computer iterations of the sketched ideas. This brought on a host of tiny tweaks and perfecting pinches. Using the basic cloud shape, we tried lots of options in an effort to tell just the right story.






We wanted to ensure the icon was perfect, geometrically as well as conceptually. After lots of revisions and time for ideas to percolate, we came up with just the right icon. As a crowning touch, we added a final bump to the cloud (just to make sure people didn’t think it was a sombrero).

After the icon was perfected, the next step was to creating a typographic element for the wordmark. After some consideration, we chose Avenir Medium as the base of the wordmark font.


Avenir had the structured, reliable look we wanted to brand to convey, but it was a little hard. So next we added fitted circles to the  terminals of each letter. This gave the Avenir base a more rounded, friendly feel that would make consumers feel comfortable (rather than being intimidating by an overly-corporate look).

Modifying the typeface also made HireCloud’s wordmark ownable and unique, distinguishing it from other brands.



Color, Pairing, and Voila!
Finally, with the typographic solution finalized, we paired the logo and wordmark and selected a color palette to bring the brand to life. The palette was drawn from natural sky tones to accompany the idea of clouds – soft, easy, and clean.
Then we plugged it all in, and the logo was born.




And that’s the logo!

Now that the logo is finished and the client is happy, we’re excited to begin work on the HireCloud website and app!


P.S. There’s more to design than just concept, color, and typography. Our design process draws heavily from the Gestalt Principles of visual interpretation. For a more detailed breakdown of what we’ve done here, please visit our Gestalt Vault where we offer technical explanations of our design work. P.PS. If this link doesn’t work, it’s because we haven’t created the Gestalt Vault yet, but we will.


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