The goal of Tinyhouse is to be happy. Obviously, in order to accomplish this, it’s very important that we make our clients happy. That’s why when we come on board we see ourselves as part of your team. We work hard to make sure our product perfectly reflects the values and ideals of your company, and we’re not happy unless you love every pixel of your product.

The Fellas

  • Robert Jepson

    Copywriter / Manager / Topographer

    Rob graduated college with a degree in political science, a minor in public relations, and a big fat appetite for managing projects.

    Rob is a really hard worker. Basically, he gets more done on his vacation days then the average bear does on his busy days. Rob has a talent for disseminating great prose and his words could charm the pants off of a raging toro de muerte.

    He also pays the bills and makes sure everyone remembers to flush the toilet.

  • Andrew Colin Beck

    Head Designer / Bust-A-Move / Chef

    Andrew started out as an alpaca farmer in Cusco, Peru. Disenfranchised with his provincial life and wanting so much more, he became a graphic designer.

    Andrew has spent the last four years perfecting his skills in BYU’s graphic design program and earning the basket weaving merit badge.

    When he’s not researching dead languages or setting metal type, Andrew fills his time wooing his wife with guitar music and thinking deeply about the meaning of life.

  • Sean Juárez

    Web Developer / Designer / Mr. Fix-it

    Sean will graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with a degree in Internet linguistics and web development. No one at Tinyhouse really understands the nitty-gritty of what he does, but somehow he’s able to take a beautiful design and make it function like a well-oiled painting.

    Our hats are off to him for marrying the girl of his dreams this last May, and our shoes are off to him when we go inside his house, because Sean has very nice carpet. Sean doubles as a designer under the pseudonym Sean Juárez.